Lunch & Laughter Christmas Talk 2018

Daniel from Watson Moore was invited to be the guest speaker at a Christmas client event held by ‘Pinney Talfourd’ Solicitors in Upminster in December 2018, with his chosen topic of improvised comedy.

As a member of a local improvised comedy group, based in Southend-on-Sea, Daniel takes part in regular courses and comedy showcases several times a year. His fellow colleague from the group Gemma joined him in providing the talk on improvised comedy.

“It may have been quite different to any other kind of comedy the guests had seen before. In fact, a lot of them said they had never seen any form of improvised comedy before,” explains Daniel, “Gemma and I gave a short talk at the start explaining some of the background and history of improvised comedy before the guests enjoyed some food and drinks. A little later we put on short comedy show including several ‘scenes’ that were made up on the spot and drawn largely on the guests suggestions.”

“Our goal was to make sure that everyone enjoyed themselves,” said Daniel, “From the amount of laughter, I’d like to think we were able to do that. We had some fantastic suggestions from the audience as well. My favourite ones came when we asked for potential reasons why you might be late for work. People came out with excuses I’d never think of! Anyway, I’ll have to memorise them, you know, just in case”.

Pinney Talfourd were raising funds that day for their Charity of the Year, Tapestry. They raised £132 from the raffle. You can read more about the event in their article <here>.