Making the most of Lockdown

There is no denying that the last few months have been challenging. Since the 23rd March, we have all taken part in the national effort to stay at home, not mix socially and only going out for essentials and exercise. All in the hopes of helping to fight coronavirus and save lives. It is reassuring now to see that the spread of the virus is continuing to diminish, and that lockdown measures are gradually being eased.

We have however each faced some ‘difficult’ decisions of another kind. Whether it’s deciding which quiz to take part in next, just how long your hair needs to grow before you will attempt to ‘have a go’ or whether or not a beard would truly suit us, living in lockdown has brought its own unique challenges. The team at Watson Moore have been trying to make the most of the opportunities that working from home has given us and wanted to take a moment to share some of these with you.

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Our thoughts go out to those who have been directly affected by Covid-19 and we send our very best wishes to one and all.

Chris, Jon, Alex, Mella, Dan, Rebecca & Megan