Back in September 2020, we wrote to our clients to tell them of a way that they could help raise money for a very good cause, whilst also helping to save the environment and make sure that their own affairs are more secure.

In 2019, we launched our new ‘Personal Finance Portal’, or PFP for short. The portal provides our clients with a secure messaging service, the ability to send and receive documents securely, plus a way of keeping track of your savings and investments online, all in one place.

Whilst some of our clients had registered for the portal already, we knew there were many more who could benefit from it.

And so we made a pledge, one we nicknamed our “PFP Pledge”. At the close of business on 30th September 2020, we promised to donate £3 for every client who had registered for our Personal Finance Portal, donating the money to the NSPCC.


Most of us have heard of the NSPCC and know of the vital work they do to protect children. They are the leading children’s charity here in the UK and have been working to prevent abuse and help children and families rebuild their lives for over 130 years.

More recently, they have been working to help vulnerable children during the coronavirus crisis. Sadly, calls to the NSPCC helpline rose by 32% during the height of the UK lockdown across April, May and June 2020, with 8,287 calls in May alone, making it the highest number of calls in a single month on record.

The main concerns people raised to the NSPCC focused around parental behaviour, physical and emotional abuse and neglect. Around 40% of these calls were referred on to local authorities and the police for further action. We believed that the work done by the NSPCC was vital and so wanted to do everything we could to support them.

Why register for PFP?

We know our clients wanted to, and still want to, be able to communicate with us securely, without having to worry about fraudsters potentially trying to obtain their information. The Personal Finance Portal uses the strongest 256-bit encryption to protect data in transit at all times, which is provided by DigiCert, a market leading provider.

The portal is also easily accessible on any web or mobile device and links with the email address that you use to contact us. We can also help manage your registration if you ever forget the login credentials you choose. If you would like to register for the portal, simply select the ‘PFP Client Login’ button at the top of this page and then select ‘Register’.

Okay, so how did the Pledge go?

We are pleased to confirm that at the end of September 2020, there were 233 clients registered for the portal (an increase of almost 25%) and so we have donated £699 to the NSPCC.

We would like to thank all those clients who chose to take part in the pledge, helping both a cause as important as the NSPCC and themselves by making their finances that little bit more secure and paper-free!

If you have any questions about the Personal Finance Portal, please get in touch.