Congratulations to Daniel Watts

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Daniel Watts, one of our advisers here at Watson Moore IFA, for being nationally recognised under the Just Group 2022 ‘Vulnerable Customer Awards’. Daniel has been Highly Commended by the judges for going the extra mile to support those clients of ours that find themselves in a vulnerable circumstance.

What do we mean by a vulnerable circumstance, I hear you ask? Well, we’re referring to when someone comes to us for advice and, due to their personal circumstances, are under ongoing stress or pressure, which could lead to them making rushed or potentially flawed financial decisions, and those that are especially susceptible to financial harm by others. These people often need extra support to ensure they are making the best financial decisions. Examples can include people in a short-term circumstance, such as going through a difficult divorce or stressful legal proceedings, to a long-term circumstance, such as suffering from an ongoing illness or a permanent disability. When clients need an extra level of support, we work hard to make sure they receive this and continue to make the best financial decisions for their future.

Daniel has been recognised with this award thanks to his hard work supporting our clients, particularly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, when he had to find new ways to assist them from afar. Daniel has helped clients who found themselves in difficult and unforeseen circumstances and has often worked extra hours (and weekends at times), to do just that. He has even been studying towards a Level 3 qualification in British Sign Language, so that he can also offer meetings to deaf clients in the future, without the need for an interpreter. We are so pleased that Daniel has been recognised for his excellent work.