About Us

Watson Moore was formed in 2005 with a simple goal of providing excellent financial advice to our clients.  We pride ourselves on personal service and turning what may be complex personal financial issues into simple plain English solutions.  Whilst there are many companies that you can turn to for financial advice, these are the reasons that we believe help us stand out from the crowd:

1. Understanding your objectives

Watson Moore believes that setting objectives is the most important part of the advice process as there is no point is saving unless you have a reason to do so! For a new client we will spend time getting to know your personal situation, financial goals and life aspirations and will invest our time in achieving this.

2. Excellent customer service

We understand that the financial industry is full of jargon and therefore confusing. We believe that many companies over-complicate solutions and products to maximise the requirement for their advice. Our goal is to ensure that you fully understand what you are investing in and why, and we will communicate this in plain and simple language.

3. Financial stability

Watson Moore has a secure balance sheet that enables us to ensure that we do not have to take on new clients to pay our costs or over-charge clients. This means that we can offer a competitive value-for-money service and only invest your wealth if it is in your best interests and not ours.

4. Our synergies with other trusted professionals

We are based within one of the leading solicitors in Essex who can assist you in ensuring that you have relevant will, trusts and powers of attorney set up to ensure that your wealth is managed in the most efficient way.

5. Our Wealth Management Proposition

Watson Moore believes that it can help navigate your wealth through the booms and busts and financial cycles that have occurred through generations.  We believe that contrary to what we were led to believe there will be more financial bubbles to come, more booms and certainly more busts. By understanding that this is inevitable we can help eliminate some of the risks that our wealth will no doubt have to endure over our lifetimes.

Our portfolios are designed to:

‘protect your wealth during the bad times and increase it during the good times’.