The Great Watson Moore Tube Dash!

On Thursday 22nd May 2023, team members met in London to take part in our latest charity fundraising event ‘The Great Watson Moore Tube Dash’, raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

“The idea was that we split into two teams,” explains Chloe “and the teams have an hour to visit as many London Underground Tube Stations as possible. Whichever team visits the most wins!” There were a few rules; A) teams have to evidence each Tube Station visit with a team selfie outside the entrance, B) the entire team has to be in each selfie, C) teams could travel how they wish (ride the tube, bus, catch a cab, walk or run), D) teams must reach the Finish Point by the end of the hour. If they were late, there would be a penalty and E) There were bonus points up for grabs for taking a selfie with key London landmarks (such as Big Ben, the London Eye, St Pauls Cathedral and The Shard). “It was quite the challenge of logistics,” says Joe, “we considered hiring Boris bikes at one point!”

The day arrived and the team met at 1:30pm outside Buckingham Palace. Upon arrival, they were split into two teams of three – Dan teaming up with Alex and Chloe and Chris with Joe and his eldest daughter Lucy, who had come along to join in the fun!  Teams were told they had to finish at Finsbury Circus Gardens (near Moorgate) in 60 minutes time and were given 10 minutes of planning time to agree their route, before going through some all important Health and Safety.

The challenge began at 1:50pm…

1:50pm   Both teams had the same initial idea and walked up through Green Park!

1:53pm  Both teams take selfies at Green Park, before Chris’s team head down Piccadilly and Dan’s team   jump on the Jubilee Line, going one stop to Westminster

1:59pm  Chris’ team are frustratingly held up when Chris realises he is in desperate need of a toilet stop!

2:04pm  Dan’s team take a selfie outside Westminster station, then selfies with Big Ben and the London Eye!

2:05pm   Having continued down Piccadilly, Chris’ team arrive and take a selfie at Piccadilly Circus

2:12pm  Now walking along the river, Dan and his team take a picture outside Embankment station

2:16pm  Chris, Joe and Lucy reach Charing Cross station and head down Villiers Street

2:20pm   Having persuaded his teammates that a short run was in order, Dan arrives at Temple along with Alex   and Chloe, whilst Chris, Joe and Lucy arrive at Embankment and head down to catch the Circle Line

At the halfway point, the competition remained neck and neck. The sun was burning hot and high in the Central London sky, and team members were starting to feel the pressure of the competition. Mella was back in the Watson Moore office, monitoring their progress and keeping score. “Why Chris didn’t go to the toilet beforehand, I’ll never know” Mella said. The second half of the Tube Dash continues…

2:25pm  Dan, Alex and Chloe arrive at Blackfriars and then turn down Queen Victoria Street

2:35pm  Chris, Joe and Lucy exit the Circle Line at Mansion House just as Dan, Alex and Chloe arrive!

2:36pm  Jibes are exchanged between rival teams before they go their separate ways

2:38pm  Dan, Alex and Chloe visit Cannon Street and break out into a sprint, with just 12 minutes remaining!

2:41pm  Panting somewhat, Dan, Alex and Chloe arrive at Monument then turn to head up Bishopsgate

2:43pm  Passing the Royal Exchange, Chris, Joe and Lucy visit Bank station. 7 minutes left!

2:45pm  Dan, Alex and Chloe run past the Bank of England and Alex suggests a “short cut” to Finsbury Circus

2:48pm  Chris, Joe and Lucy realise they may have made a “wrong turn” trying to find Finsbury Circus

2:50pm  Alex’s short cut works and Dan’s team are the first to arrive, quickly collapsing onto the grass

2:55pm  Chris’s team arrives 5 minutes later. Hands are shaken and everyone cheers to a fierce competition

Following the hour’s challenge, the teams ventured in search of refreshment and ended up at Broadgate Circle. “We rewarded ourselves with a late-lunch as we waited for Mella to announce the final result!” explains Dan. “To be honest, I was just glad to be sitting down and not to be running anymore!” adds Chloe, “It really was quite a workout!!”

Mella revealed that Chris, Joe and Lucy had scored 15 points, but it was Dan, Alex and Chloe who were victorious with 17 points! “They all did really well and should be proud of themselves.” says Mella.

The Tube Dash challenge has all been to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. If you would like to sponsor us, please visit our JustGiving page or scan the QR code below. Watson Moore will be matching the first £250 raised and we thank everyone who has supported us so far and helped support such an important cause.

We look forward to sharing more fundraising stories with you and now turn our attention to plans for 2024…





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